Tresa Veitia
Co-Founder, Client Service Director
Written by James Williamson

I first encountered Tresa at a Unilever meeting in the 90s when I was working at Ogilvy & Mather in NY.  I had been working on some fun projects like Maidenform and Jaguar, when I was dragged onto Dove to shoot and direct a test spot for their Bar “cleanser” (fyi, it isn’t soap). As per usual, the Agency had sent a sizeable entourage to 390 Park Avenue to discuss the spot with the client. 

To be honest, I didn’t realize Tresa was on the Agency side. Maybe it was because she cared about things a client typically worries about – performance, production cost, efficiency; I assumed she was one of them.  I later came to learn that Tresa had an MBA from Columbia University and likely went to school with a lot of our clients.  Eventually she did go “client side” to direct marketing in the financial services industry.  Right about that time, financial services marketing began to evolve dramatically.  Where it had been dry, fact-based drivel it became consumer focused, strategic…more branded.  She spent seven years in that industry before striking out on her own to form inktank in 2002.

Tresa is one of the more efficient multi-taskers I have worked with in my career. She accomplishes in one day what three people normally accomplish in a week. She never has less than three windows open on her computer and has no problem simultaneously negotiating swim label production with a Chinese factory representative, getting a Mutual Fund marketing piece through compliance and developing a list of killer website domain name options for a new client. All while feeding inktank’s two feral barn cats, who happen to be rather picky eaters as feral barn cats go.

James Williamson
Co-Founder, Creative Director
Written by Tresa Veitia

I first met James in a Unilever meeting in the 90s when I was with Ogilvy & Mather NY.  James had been working on Jaguar, Maidenform and Kraft but had been pulled onto Dove to direct a test spot for the base brand. We had assembled at 390 Park to discuss the spot with the client.

I was immediately struck by James. Unlike many Creatives I’d worked with, James didn’t scare the client. He spoke intelligently about their strategic objectives. It wasn’t about “him”, “his creative vision” and “his art”, it was about being effective. It was a good meeting.

James has created great work for dozens of Fortune 1000 brands. He is a three-time winner of the David Ogilvy Award for effective advertising, a three-time winner of the Advertising Excellence award, a Two-Time Silver Effie Winner, and a one-time Bronze Effie Winner.

James is one of the more brilliant people I’ve met. What continually surprises me is his versatility and ability to master whatever project he tackles. His first passion is film; James would happily live behind the camera every day of his life (see his director / photographer website at  But with equal facility, James will design impactful logos and brand collateral, whip out an effective print ad, billboard, tradeshow booth – or switch gears and design (then build) a website, eBlast, viral video or multimedia presentation.

I have no doubt that James could also have a successful career as a master chef (his hobby), farmer (took up organic gardening this year), a children’s book creator (he’s working on it!), or even an architect (see “our lunch room”).